Second Melt aims to create stunning home goods from litter and beach plastic and educate the public on how they can do their part to fix recycling. All products available are carbon negative and machine washable!

The Story

Founder J. Anderson was on a family vacation to Hawaii in 2019 where several pieces of information intersected. China had changed their criteria on foreign recyclables, causing a massive bottleneck of the recycling industry. Hawaii had a bottle and can cashback program. 4Ocean was funding enormous beach cleanups through bracelet sales, and Precious Plastic was designing DIY recycling machines. A beach full of plastic. Anderson cleaned up the Wailua, Hawaii beach across from the hotel and decided to pack the plastic and bring it home. This resulted in the first Second Melt coaster.

How it’s done.

First, litter is removed from streets, waterways, and beaches. It is then washed and sorted by density. Next it combined with shredded postconsumer food service and agricultural packaging as a filler. Finally it is injection molded into any one of our laser cut molds. The resulting object is then sanded.