Styro-Phone (Coming Q2 2024)


STYRO-PHONES are lathe-cut records made with 100% recycled polystyrene plastic. They are comparable to plastic picnic plate records, which are common in indie circles, but innovate on the concept by providing a closed loop solution to artists, recorders, and everyday people alike.

STYRO-PHONES can be practically infinitely re-recorded by sanding and re-finishing or grinding and pressing new discs out of waste material. All “swarf”, string taking off during the recording process is re-used. They are made on site with our antique Presto K-8.


Styrophones will sound like an “old record” so if that’s your goal, you’ve come to the right place. We’re a good fit for voice recordings or experimental musicians. The sound itself is pretty spot on with minimal distortion but surface noise is inevitble. We can only work with mono at this time.


We aim to offer our initial product line starting in Q2 2024. The following is subject to change as we get closer to launch.


  • CD Record – We will record on the back of a used software CD.
  • Styrophone – We will do a recording on one of our house-manufactured 7″ Styro-Phone blanks.
  • Burned CD-Record – We will burn workable audio and cut grooves into a NOS CD.
  • All custom slots will be limited and we are not expecting capacity to handle invitations for events.


  • Styro Phone Exchange – Record lathe owners can purchase a set of blank styrophones and exchange defective or used records with us.